Media bias

There are times when I think it’s impossible to change peoples’ minds, to get them to question things,  to use their heads and not just automatically accept what they read and see daily on the mainstream media as fact.
The sad reality is that much of the messages we’re exposed to every day are pure propaganda.
One example is the war in Syria.
Much of the Western media are pro the US backed “rebels” who are fighting Assad’s forces.
‘The Guardian’ is very popular among young University educated people and the urban middle classes, it’s largely responsible for shaping the narrative, convincing people ‘the Rebels’ are the good guys, fighting the evil Russians and Assad’s tyrannical forces.
The reality is almost the opposite of what’s being reported.
I refer you to Quintus’ excellent article explaining what is really going on.
Another example is how the media consistently denigrates people who are understandably concerned and not in favour of large numbers of mostly economic migrants (but also some genuine refugees) coming into their countries.
The only explanation, according to the media, is that these people are ‘anti-immigrant’, ‘xenophobic’ or even ‘racist’.
Similarly, the word ‘nationalist’ has been conflated with ‘white supremacy’, rather than a perfectly rational concern about enforced and increasing (particularly third world) diversity in their countries.
The nationalist AfD party are frequently painted as ‘far-right’, but you rarely read the same of much more radical and extreme parties on the Left, who are never described as such in the media.
Journalists overwhelmingly vote to the Left and their reporting bears this out. The same is true of Academia, the Arts & Entertainment industry, Movies, Music, Public Life, even Sports. This results in a very skewed state of affairs where it’s assumed that to be on the Left is normal and right and good. Multiply this effect by ten if you’re on social media. This is a very negative development, it stifles free speech and debate. It particularly demonises anyone who raises doubts about contentious issues like (for instance) abortion, gay marriage or the recent migrant influx into Europe. And it’s only getting worse, confirmation bias ensures that people seek out articles that confirm their existing views, thereby those on the Left become more entrenched in their views and less open to opinions from those that don’t agree with them (the same of course is true of those on the Right).
One solution to all this is to limit your exposure to mainstream media, and seek out alternative voices on the Internet. There’s many out there, and I’ll list a few below who I think are particularly good and well informed and who are genuinely out to educate people rather than propagandise them. Oh, and one last thing. Take the red pill.

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